8(a) Survival Guide Questionaire

This simple question and answer will help you determine if the 8a program is a possibility for your company.

The 8(a) program is the oldest minority business certification program in the United States.  The 8(a) program is managed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). It is a business development program for socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. 

Being in the 8(a) program allows small businesses two key advantages:

  • First, you can receive no bid (sole source) Federal contracts up to $4 million each over a 9-year period.
  • Second, the 8(a) firm can partner / joint venture with a large business and be exempt from the “affiliation” requirement that would normally disqualify it from small business programs.
  • Before applying, I strongly recommend you answer the screening questions I put together below to help determine if you are eligible.     - Regards, Richard Hernandez


      Answer Yes or No to the following Questions and then press the 'Score 8A Potential' Button.

    1. Is your personal income annual income over $250,000? (Excludes value of home, equity in business and qualified retirement savings) Yes No
    2. Are you a citizen of another country besides the United States? Yes No
    3. Are you late paying your personal / business U.S. Federal taxes? Yes No
    4. Do you have another job besides your own firm? Yes No
    5. Is anyone in the firm paid more money than the owner(s)? Yes No
    6. Is your firm a large business? (determined by NAICS code) Yes No
    7. Does your company have a negative net worth or cash flow problems? Yes No
    8. Is your firm a non-profit organization? Yes No
    9. Are you financial statements outdated? Yes No
    10. Do you have less than 2 consecutive years worth of business tax returns? (i.e., have you been in business for less than 2 years) Yes No
    11. Is your personal net worth over $250,000? (excluding the value of your home, equity in your business, and retirement account) Yes No
    12. Do you lack experience and/or education in the business area where you are seeking 8(a) certification? Yes No
    13. Do you have a "negative control" situation in your company?; Yes No
    14. Do you sell products and/or services that are not purchased by the US Federal government? Yes No
    15. Are you Black, Hispanic, Asian, and/or Native American? Yes No
    16. Are you a broker? Yes No
    17. Does a non-minority own 10% or more of your business? Yes No
    18. Do you have your assets in a trust? Does the trust own any part of your company? Yes No